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A Professionally Trained Team of Web Developers in Kolkata, India

At ACNO Web Development, we are a team of digitally experienced developers who work as strategic design consultants. We focus on our customers’ requirements and develop a highly professional website for their businesses. Our skilled team has worked with a variety of organizations, assisting them in targeting a larger audience, increasing their ROI, and amplifying their online presence. We'll offer you the push you need to connect with your target audience, whether you're a startup, a scale-up, or a business operating locally or worldwide. Instead of targeting customer’s pockets, we target their business and thrive to develop the best technical solution for their business.

Why ACNO Tech?

When it comes to web development, ACNO Tech is the pioneer & unmatched in the market. In Kolkata, we have developed numerous Websites & Web Applications for our clients without considering the size of their business. Moreover, our experience makes us exceptional. We were here, in Kolkata, when only a few knew the word “Internet”. This perplexing and challenging journey made us a perfect fit.

What Makes Us Better?

This question would probably be hitting your mind. Why anyone should choose our services? Let’s say you’re new to the market and you don’t have any prior knowledge of what you are going to need. This is the place where you need ACNO Tech. We offer the best optimal solutions for your business. Our analysts and strategists oppose the perfect gateways to target more audience and boost your online business. Furthermore, even after completing your project, our support team remains connected with you to resolve your on-site matters and queries.

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How Web Development Helps Your Business?

  • A Modern way to connect with your customers.
  • Convenience of Business
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Targeted Audience
  • A Digital Way to Attract More Customers.
  • Enhanced Sales and Revenue.

Our Web Development Services



PHP is an open-source scripting language rapidly used for web development and often embedded to HTML to power Static or Dynamic websites.

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Laravel is a dedicated PHP web framework with elegant syntax, acting as a tool-kit for web developers to curate full-functional sites.

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CodeIgniter is a robust PHP framework helps build web applications with negligible footprint and facilitates smooth database migration between servers.

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Angular is a free open-source Type-Script based web application framework suitable for developing even the large scale software, sustainably.

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React is an effective, front-end Java-Script library that lets you build complex UIs from components, best-suited for mobile app.

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jQuery is a small, fast and efficient JavaScript library curated to simplify traversal and manipulation of HTML documents.

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